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Why Me?

I’ve been writing for business clients for over 25 years and I know how to create copy that draws your selected audience in, is convincing and easy to understand, and targets both the questions your clients will ask and the answers your clients want.  I have been working in the technology field for my entire career.  I know how to work with technical people and translate their ideas into clear copy the average business person can understand, and more importantly, take action on.  I also teach technical writing as an Adjunct Professor of English in a four-year university when the opportunity arises, which I truly enjoy because it allows me to better understand the challenges facing younger writers and gives me the ability to help them build a foundation to become great writers.

When you hire me, you will get a  professional who understands that deadlines must be met, communication must be clear, and the project must be managed in an efficient manner to ensure I am using your time and mine effectively.  I am also a project manager, 6 Sigma certified,  and understand how to identify the critical path, lay out a task list to ensure all critical items are covered, and create a timeline with specific deliverables to ensure on time delivery of your project.

I Specialize In:

  • Copywriting –  I research and write copy for sales and marketing documents, sales landing pages, services pages, and email newsletters.  I am experienced in interviewing subject matter experts (SMEs) and translating their knowledge into stories you can use to demonstrate your value to potential clients.
  • Curriculum Development – I will work with your team to create easy to follow instruction for training and education.
  • Blog Writing – I create articles which draw clients to your site, intrigue them with your unique offerings, and provide valuable information which can be linked and shared by other industry leaders.
  • Ghostwriting – I excel at learning and recreating your voice, so I can write content which reflects your unique style and follows your brand guidelines to create a consistent message across communication channels.  I have written for upper-level executives and have been published in leading industry magazines, although you will never know which ones.  (I’m that good.)

Need Proof?

Well, that is a bit trickier.  I have done most of my work on the inside and have confidentiality agreements that protect these companies and keep me from talking about all the cool things they do.  So, I have representative samples available, but in most cases, I’ve had to remove names and specifics.  I take their confidentiality seriously and I know how to keep a secret.  For online content available to the general public, I will provide links to content you will find useful.

I can tell you, I have worked for the following industries and, during my time at each of these companies, I gained valuable skills and experience that I use today to create strong content for my clients.

Finance/Banking – I spent eight years working for one of the largest credit unions in the country.  While I was there, I created the curriculum for both soft skills and technical training, led multiple marketing projects, and created documentation for new systems.

Healthcare – I spent 12 years in one of the largest multi-hospital healthcare systems in the Midwest.  They span the states of Illinois and Michigan and communicate with over 4,000 physician offices within the network.  During my time there, I worked in the Information Technology division developing training curriculum, creating board presentations for new projects, writing newsletters to distribute to multiple audiences including doctors and nurses to explain new technology initiatives and set expectations for new system functionality, and provided support for the CIO’s writing needs, including ghostwriting articles for industry publications.  The positions I held there provided me with solid 6 Sigma training and project management training, which allowed me to expand my skills and work on longer form writing assignments.

Customer Service Outsourcing (Technical and Non-technical) – I have worked for two firms specializing in outsourcing, one based in India, with multiple locations in the U.S.and one based in London, England, with multiple locations in the U.S.  Both firms are multinational companies covering North America, South America, Asia-Pacific, and Europe.  I led sales proposal efforts and created complex, technical proposals often reaching into hundreds of pages to sell business clients on complete outsourcing services for their customer service and technical service desk functions.  I worked across multiple divisions including sales, operations, human resources, training, and legal counsel.

Technology – I worked as a contractor for a large, national insurance company to lead a critical project for their customer-facing web portal.  During my contract, I produced emails for leadership team understanding and acceptance, short project descriptions, and worked with content specialists to provide web copy for the site.  As an employee, I worked with a mid-sized technology solutions provider to write sales proposals for technical projects.  The proposals were complex and covered in-depth technology solutions and often spanned hundreds of pages.  My work included coordinating the process and providing project management support as well as writing content.

Education – I have developed curriculum for courses I teach including Technical Writing for Engineers, Technical Writing for Business, and Technical Writing in the Sciences.

Other Writing – I created web copy for a healthcare recruiting company and various other small business clients.  In addition, I have my own blog where I share information on writing, blogging, home management, and how-to tutorials for creative projects in sewing and crafting.  I use Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook to drive significant traffic to my site through planned weekly campaigns designed around specific blog post schedules.

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